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DTD1036 Quiz Club

December 2, 2019

Love this skill guys. Here's what it says about it in the skillstore; Quiz Club allows you to create and play your own quizzes, as well as play quizzes that are open to everyone. This skill includes some short demonstration quizzes. Features include: Recall your quizzes using a name and 4-digit code; or play one of the openly available quizzes. One or multiple rounds with a different topic for each round. As many questions as you like per round. Optional additional / fun fact for each question. 1-3 named skill levels with different points per level. Ability to save the player's name, last score and skill level. Ability to play again (single user only). Multi-player one-at-a-time mode with ability to save players names, score and skill level (but not play again in the same session). Simple quiz mode with no option to save player's details. For details on how to get your own quiz added to Quiz Club, email