DTD506 Top Tap tip and Bible App

June 19, 2018

Today Andrea Barker (abarker15@msn.com) gives us a tip about one shortcoming of the Echo Tap, along with a dynamite demo of the Bible App skill. I wish I sounded like this guy.


DTD505 Brain Facts

June 18, 2018

Which is more powerful; the humble human brain or a super-computer? Is a bottle-nosed dolphin's brain bigger than ours? Who would rather have electric shocks than a bit of quiet time? Who has all the answers? Penny Golden (pengold2@gmail.com), that's who.


DTD504 Take me to the World Cup

June 17, 2018

Are you a footie fan? Do you like cups? What about the world? If you're partial to any/all of the above then today's top tip might be for you. If you aren't then here's a joke instead; Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory? The owner covered all damages in curd.


DTD503 Song Quiz (revisited)

June 16, 2018

The lovely Jane Suh revisits this brilliant skill that dives into the decade of your choice and tests your music trivia to the very limit. Play against friends or friends you haven't made yet across the interwebs - this one's well worth a reprise. Want to send in a demo of your favourite skill? Please do to robin.christopherson@gmail.com.


DTD502 Bible Trivia

June 15, 2018

You're bound to be blown away by the beautifully broad Bible knowledge of Andrea Barker (abarker15@msn.com) as she demos today's skill. Brilliant job!


DTD501 Explain Like I’m Five

June 14, 2018

From funny bones to freckles, today's skill is all about simple explanations for interesting topics. Penny Golden (pengold2@gmail.com) brings us another great skill and you can too - simply send them to me at robin.christopherson@gmail.com or drop me a line for help on how to record them or suggestions on what skills to cover.


DTD500 Additional - Hello from DTD listeners

June 13, 2018

A few quick 'Hi's from you brilliant listeners around the world. Thanks guys.


DTD500 The Daily Prophet and half of Harry Potter Letters (revisited)

June 13, 2018

Today we cover a simple skill that delivers daily dollops of HP goodness (is HP Sauce a thing where you are? Probably not as the 'HP' of its name stands for 'Houses of Parliament') and follow it up with a half-hearted reprise of Harry Potter Letters. It's all about quality on this podcast… and if not quality then certainly quantity. We have reached episode 500, after all.


DTD499 Trivia Hero

June 12, 2018

Juliet and Rob Winter are back again with a brilliant skill demo; Trivia Hero. Pit your trivia wits against the clock and clock up points in this excellent and sound-effects-stuffed skill.


DTD498 Listening to Dot to Dot on your Echo

June 11, 2018

Today we look at the various ways you can listen to Dot to Dot on your Echo. You can listen using the built-in TuneIn skill, add it to your daily flash briefing or via the excellent AnyPod skill which gives you far more control over your podcast playback. Here's a full list of AnyPod instructions.