DTD117 The Star Wars episodes 2/2

May 26, 2017

In this second episode dedicated to Star Wars we look at two skills; Unofficial Star Wars Quotes which will give you lots of juicy quotes, and Unofficial Star Wars Trivia which is a nice multiple choice game. Both, you'll be pleased to know, only  cover the original three films.


DTD116 The Star Wars episodes 1/2

May 25, 2017

Today we're commemorating the fact that on this day forty years ago the first Star Wars film was released. We'll look at two skills; Trivia Game for Star Wars which is a great multiple choice quiz and the random fact generator; Star Wars Unofficial. The odds of tomorrow bringing part 2 are significantly better than 3720 to 1.


DTD115 Quiz for Apple

May 24, 2017

Test your knowledge about all things Apple with this quick multiple-choice quiz. Whilst I do obviously love Apple products, rest assured A-lady that Amazon's products will always have a uniquely special place in my heart.


DTD114 TV Themes playlist

May 23, 2017

A bit of a departure today as we're just looking at a playlist of 70s and 80s TV show theme tunes available in Prime Music - but it's so cool that we just had to include it. If you're ancient like me then please do put on some comfortable shoes and let's take a stroll down memory lane. If you're younger than that then just shake your head at how corny theme tunes were back then.


DTD113 Connecting to a Bluetooth speaker

May 22, 2017

Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to covering this extremely useful feature of the humble Dot. Connecting to a Bluetooth speaker can significantly boost your audio, if you really want to annoy the neighbours further down your street.


DTD112 Ocean Bottle

May 21, 2017

Put a message in a bottle and see who picks it up. Pick up others' bottles and send them a reply. Sounds good? It is (except for the dodgy grammar that abounds in this skill).


DTD111 The Minecraft episode

May 20, 2017

Three skills; Minecraft Fan Did You Know, Crafting Coach and Crafter Quiz. You'll have to listen to today's episode to find out what they do - my health rating is too low to explain.


DTD110 Unofficial Zork

May 19, 2017

It's here. An unofficial but nevertheless pretty faithful version of the classic multiple-choice adventure game. Open the mailbox and let the fun begin.


DTD109 The riddling episode

May 18, 2017

What is black and blue and red all over? A boxer whose really embarrassed about how badly he lost. Actually that's more like a joke than a riddle - and a bad one at that but I did just make it up. In this episode we look at Alexa's built-in riddling functionality and two riddle skills; Riddle Me and Riddle Me This.


DTD108 Caves Under Thornhill

May 17, 2017

Something strange has moved into the caves under Thornhill. Are you brave enough to sit in the safety of your own home and explore this virtual and entirely imaginary menacing maze? For the sake of humanity (or at least Thornhill) I sincerely hope so...