DTD359 Additional - The Tech Talk podcast and spot the Dot

January 23, 2018

In this additional episode I plug the RNIB's Tech Talk podcast, the excellent hosts of which I blame for being the reason why I started Dot to Dot in the first place. If you have a visual impairment and you love tech then please do subscribe to their excellent show. I also mention about the Echo Spot that's coming on sale here in the UK tomorrow!


DTD359 Paloma’s Bedtime

January 23, 2018

If you like the singer Paloma Faith (and you probably need to have kids too) then today's skill is for you. Although even then it might come across as creepy rather than cool. Creepy or cool? Let listeners know with £DTDPod


DTD358 Word Operations

January 22, 2018

Andy Brown (@AndrewBrown100) is back! This time it's a doozy of a demo showing us how to play Word Operations; the game for everyone who likes both spelling and maths. Come on - you know who you are.


DTD357 Garden Helper, Garden Facts and Japanese Garden Sounds

January 21, 2018

For anyone with green fingers, we've a triple dollop of garden goodness today. I'm ashamed to say that the closest I get to green fingers are when Jelly Babies of a certain colour get a bit sticky. Eat them quickly to avoid this eventuality.


DTD356 That’s Obvious: The Famous Name Word Game

January 20, 2018

What's obvious to me about playing today's skill is that your brain will be extensively addled after endeavouring to ascertain the elusive answer. What's also obvious, though, is that you'll probably want to play it again and again. Answers to my failed 2nd go to #DTDPod please.


DTD355 Captain Stalwart: The Lost Temple of the Congo

January 19, 2018

Come with us to deepest, darkest Africa (well I'm just saying that - the temple, if we finally find it, might end up being on the top of a mountain and basking in the brilliant African sunshine) and together, along with an odd collection of co-explorers, we'll look for that pesky temple until we get bored or bitten by a terantula or something.


DTD354 Meditation Studio

January 18, 2018

Today's skill Meditation Studio will either send you to sleep, pick you up, calm you down or just mellow you out - you choose. Take a few minutes today to unwind and then brace yourself for tomorrow's skill...


DTD353 The Music Quiz

January 17, 2018

Once there was a quiz. It was about music. It was called 'The Music Quiz'. That's it really.


DTD352 Word Tennis

January 16, 2018

Andy's back again (@AndrewBrown100 on the Twitters) and this time he's serving up all sorts of sweet skill-goodness with this brilliant tennis-themed word game. Good sound effects too! Nice one Andy - you aced it.


DTD351 EasyMeditation (Guided) with Madeleine Shaw

January 15, 2018

Relax. Today's skill is all about becoming less stressed or anxious, and about becoming more confident. So sit back (or lie down - except if you're commuting or operating heavy machinery) and listen to Madeleine's melodic meditations.