DTD377 Interview Me and Job Finder (revisited)

February 10, 2018

Andy Brown (@AndrewBrown100) is back with another groovy demo. Interview Me is for everyone who wants to brush up on their responses to common interview questions. We also briefly revisit the fantastic Job Finder skill we covered about a million and a half episodes ago.


DTD376 Harry Potter Letters (revisited)

February 9, 2018

Today we revisit this excellent skill. It was good, now it's magical with more sound effects than you could wave a unicorn hair wand at.


DTD375 Repeat Me and top tip re enabling skills

February 8, 2018

Thanks to Mark from London our Alexa habits will now be revolutionised. Revolutionised I tell you! You'll have to listen to today's episode to find out how/why. We also look at the kinda cool Repeat Me skill... that's the kinda cool Repeat Me skill.


DTD374 Mark My Words

February 7, 2018

The other day I mentioned that you might want to mark my words as indeed, Chris Chaffin is back! He's brought us another brilliant demo of a skill for anyone who loves words wonderfully combined with mind-mangling maths. That's a killer combo in my book.


DTD373 World Records

February 6, 2018

Did you know that this podcast holds the (unofficial) world record for the most number of Echo skills of varying quality demoed in a year by someone called Robin who used to have freckles but doesn't any more and with a little help from Bob Dylan who sometimes pops round and with  a lot of help from his excellent family and friends? Hard to believe I know, but it's true!


DTD372 Bomb Or Not

February 5, 2018

Bob's back to help with an explosive episode all about the Bomb Or Not skill. Isn't it great that he keeps popping round? And I've no idea how many roads he has to walk down to get here. Good ol' Bob.


DTD371 Dr Who TARDIS Sound FX

February 4, 2018

Actually enabled/invoked with "The TARDIS Box", this skill is the bees knees when it comes to sound effect skills. I'd actually go so far as to say its the cats pyjamas. I don't know why I'm using animal analogies for this Dr Who-related skill so I'll stop. I wonder if K9 wears pyjamas…


DTD370 Blackjack

February 3, 2018

Double hooray! Today we have two new listeners joining the skill demo gang. The brilliant Juliet and Rob Winter demo a really very good version of Blackjack. The skill's narration, help  and sound effects are all fantastic and Rob and Juliet do it proud. Thanks guys and keep 'em coming!


DTD 369 Three Questions

February 2, 2018

Three Questions is a nicely executed multiple-choice quiz skill that gives you - wait for it - three questions at a time. They're on a random topic each round and our A-lady then goes on to give you a bit more info about the correct answer. This one's a keeper.


DTD368 Additional - The Blind Side Podcast

February 1, 2018

Just a quick additional episode to let you know that I was very pleased to be a guest on the brilliant The Blind Side podcast which went out today. For around an hour myself and the excellent Jonathan Mosen discussed all things Alexa-related and, whilst The Blind Side is a vision-impairment focused podcast (as the name might give away), this episode really is for everyone - especially if you live down under where Echos are fresh and, if it's possible, even more exciting.