DTD741 Loop It

February 10, 2019

Need to create some smooth loops for your audio projects? Today's skill might help - if you've a way of recording them, that is.


DTD740 Escape Mystery Room

February 9, 2019

"Welcome to most mysterious house in the World that is ready to isolate in its walls anybody who is not able to solve its puzzles." Good - I like puzzles. But will we sufficiently comprehend its stilted grammar to crack each cunning conundrum? I am full of hoping.


DTD739 Section 5: Puzzle Game

February 8, 2019

How did we end up on Liberty Island after closing time with only a backpack and some sleuthing skills at our disposal? Patrick Steggle (lynnstggll@gmail.com) takes us through this mysterious choose-your-own adventure game with a smattering of nice sound-effects.


DTD738 Choose Your Own Adventure

February 7, 2019

By Audible, today's skill is a must-try for anyone who either has fond memories of those old choose-your-own story books or simply likes a good, well-written, interactive adventure. Now do you go in search of the Yeti or Atlantis?


DTD737 Altering Audible books playback speed and Star Trek - Warp Speed

February 6, 2019

Two speed-related skills today. Firstly, David Woodbridge (@DWoodbridge on Twitter) demos how you can change the speed of Audible playback, and then we speed off into space with a nice Star Trek skill.


DTD736 Hearing Screener and is it Laurel or Yanny?

February 5, 2019

First test your hearing with today's skill; Hearing Screener. Then test your sanity to the very limit with that infuriating audio clip you probably hoped never to hear again… And lastly, decide to subscribe to the excellent Maccessibility podcast in your favourite podcatching app or via www.maccessibility.net. Today's demo contains clips from the excellent Maccessibility episode; 156 Celebrity-airdrop.


DTD735 Additional - The Daily 5 Minute Skill Demo Show

February 4, 2019

With huge thanks to Nick of Buttonpush Apps/Voice Skills Inc, there is now a newly updated daily flash briefing version of the 'Dot to Dot' podcast. As Amazon won't allow any words relating to the Echo or A-lady in the names of their skills, its new name is 'The Daily 5 Minute Skill Demo Show' and you can find it by searching for it in your local skillstore or, as with all skills, you should just be able to say, "A-lady, enable the daily 5 minute skill demo show."
Once enabled, it simply gives you the normal episode each day in your flash briefing along with the news and weather or whatever else you have chosen to be included in your daily news update.
For more Echo goodness, you can also check out their own excellent daily flash briefing all about smartspeakers; 'A few minutes in voice' so please do give that a go too.
I also mention about a brilliant free service called Zapier which helps take a normal podcast feed and turn it into what Amazon needs for a daily flash briefing - there's a brilliant article on Medium that explains all about how it's done.


DTD735 My Spaceship

February 4, 2019

Come with us as we navigate the complex command-decisions of a would-be starship captain far out in the uncharted reaches of space. Well actually it's just Patrick Steggle (lynnstggll@gmail.com) on his couch and I'm just doing my usual top and tail wafflage. No sound-effects but then we are dealing with the vacuum of space here…


DTD734 Moon Lander and Do Not Disturb

February 3, 2019

Both of today's demos were recommended in a recent weekly email from Amazon. The first thrusts you into the disturbing world of a safe lunar landing, whilst the second swiftly removes any disturbing aspects from activities undertaken adjacent to your A-lady.


DTD733 Math Flash

February 2, 2019

Back after a prolonged absence during which the world seemed a little less shiny, Penny Golden (pengold2@gmail.com) brings us a nice number-related skill that will improve your maths in a flash.