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DTD963 Music Trivia (revisited)

September 20, 2019

Today, Phillip Chalker helps us revisit the excellent Music Trivia skill covered nearly 700 episodes ago. No actual music involved (see 'Beat the Intro' and similar skills to rectify that) but otherwise a great quiz for music buffs everywhere. Well, I say 'Everywhere' but, obviously, I'm not including music buffs on other planets here. Or music buffs in hitherto uncontacted tribes of the Amazon rainforest either (but then they probably don't have Echos as yet - even though they're actually made by a company called Amazon which is a little ironic really). Ditto other similarly isolated regions of Planet Earth. Otherwise music buggs everywhere else are good to go. Unless you really prefer skills with music and/or sound-effects and, if that's the case, see earlier recommendation.