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DTD952 Guess the Goals

September 9, 2019

Interested in predicting the scores of the up-coming week's football fixtures? Yes? Good. Glad to hear it. I didn't think you would be. What's that? You thought I meant American football and not soccer? No, sorry. It's the football that has the round ball and no armour. Still a bit interested? Good. You might want to check out today's skill then. You'll think about it? Well, I can't ask for more than that really. It's not bad and probably worth a listen. It's definitely better than the fish aquarium skil the other day - but probably not as good as tomorrow's which is based on a well-known trivia game. But that's not coming out till then so if you have a few minutes today… You said you'd think about it? OK. Great. Good. I'll leave you in peace then. Until tomorrow then. OK. Bye. Bye then.