Dot to Dot: A daily 5min Echo demo from Alexa

DTD947 Working with A-lady lists and HP Printer

September 4, 2019

Today we look at how to work with lists on your Echos, plus the great HP skill (great if you have a wi-fi HP printer, that is) which enables you to say, "Alexa, ask My Printer to…":
• print my shopping list
• print my to-do list
• print my (A list that you've created) list
• print a Crayola colouring page
• print a colouring page for kids
• print art therapy
• Print a colouring page from Just Add Color
• print today's comics
• print today's crossword
• print a number puzzle game
• get a word search game
• print bingo cards
• print a checklist
• print lined paper
• print metric graph paper
• print a calendar for next month
Wow, that's a lot of printing!

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