Dot to Dot: A daily 5min Echo demo from Alexa

DTD905 Trip Talk

July 24, 2019

Today, Ashley Colburn ( is back to bring us another slice of Spanish goodness. Actually, this skill can also grill you on your Dutch and Swedish too. The words, Dutch' and 'grilled' in the same sentence like that have reminded me of melted cheese. Did you know that Edam, that famous Dutch cheese, is actually made backwards? It's true. Think about it Caerphilly. If you hurt your brain trying to work that one out, I promise to cover all damages in curd. If these terrible jokes make you want to scream then beware or you may end up a little hoarse - and then you might want to hide behind some mascarpone. Personally I'd stick with Cheddar - you can really Gorge on that. It's a shame there are no Swiss phrases in this skill - actually, that would be too cheesy for words. I'll leave you with a strange dream I had the other day after eating quite a bit of cheese for supper; I dreamt that I'd painted my wife in two coats of really shiny, hard-wearing paint. Double Gloucester…