Dot to Dot - the daily 5min Alexa demo show

DTD526 The great A-lady round-up #5

July 9, 2018

More of the same today. If you'd prefer to go and shut your head repeatedly in a cupboard door then I'd recommend making sure that your ears aren't involved as tomorrow's offering might be better. You never know - miracles do happen…
Reminders and announcements:
• DTD139 New reminder notifications
• DTD340 Daily Log
• DTD385 Additional - A-lady notifications (and Haunted Lighthouse top tip)
• DTD467 A-lady announcements
Connected home:
• DTD182.5 Additional - IFTTT
• DTD276 Find My Phone
• DTD458 Find My Phone (revisited)
• DTD265 Smart devices
• DTD295 New built-in Routines feature
• DTD443 Controlling your Fire TV with the A-lady
Accessing Amazon services:
• DTD47 Buying from Amazon using your Echo
• DTD52 Playing Audible books
• DTD69 Built-in Kindle book reading function
• DTD104 New built-in voice calling and messaging
• DTD274 Built-in voice calling revisited
• DTD451 Built-in voice calling with extension numbers
"And why aren't all the above made into links so I can simply tap on each to go to that episode?" I hear you say. It's either down to laziness or the cronic lack of rain has lead to a strict tap ban - please pick your preferred excuse, er, reason.

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