Dot to Dot - the daily 5min Alexa demo show

DTD525 The great A-lady round-up #4

July 8, 2018

Still with us? OK - today's round-up concerns a multitude of media to meet everyone's needs. Listen on…
Playing media:
• DTD7 Connecting to phone
• DTD11 Radio stations vs podcasts on TuneIn
• DTD94 Radio Player
• DTD113 Connecting to a Bluetooth speaker
• DTD254 AnyPod
• DTD300 Multi-room media playback (and Bob's back)
• DTD301 Pandora
• DTD391 Plex
• DTD463 TuneIn Live
• DTD520 Spotify
"And why aren't all the above made into links so I can simply tap on each to go to that episode?" I hear you say. It's either down to laziness or the cronic lack of rain has lead to a strict tap ban - please pick your preferred excuse, er, reason.

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