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DTD522 The great A-lady round-up #1

July 5, 2018

Today we're kicking off a series of episodes that will both remind you of all the cool things that the A-lady can do which aren't game-related (we do cover a lot of games, don't we?) whilst simultaneously testing your puzzling skills (and patience) to the very limit. So the episodes we revisit today are all about getting the info you need:
• DTD2 Wikipedia
• DTD9 Built-in calendar function
• DTD31 Weather tips and skills
• DTD83 Big Sky
• DTD156 My Thesaurus
• DTD210 Crossword Solver
• DTD263 Job Finder
• DTD377 Interview Me and Job Finder (revisited)
• DTD361 New built-in translation
"And why aren't all the above made into links so I can simply tap on each to go to that episode?" I hear you say. It's either down to laziness or the cronic lack of rain has lead to a strict tap ban - please pick your preferred excuse, er, reason.

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