DTD222 UK Driving Time and Pizza Facts

September 8, 2017

Two totally unrelated skills today - the second making up for the fact that the first is UK-specific because everyone loves pizza, right? If wrong then let me know post haste so I can mention you in a future episode to correct the sweeping generalisation (@USA2DAY or robin.christopherson@gmail.com). Oh and please also use those methods to more generally let me/the world know about DTD... pretty please with anchoves. Make that rhyme and you'll like it so much that you'll be using it in everyday conversation even if you hate the particular fish in question - but then again getting hit in the face with one wouldn't be as bad as, say, a tuna (for everyone who recalls yesterday's shownotes). On closing, I'd just like to point out that these are the longest shownotes of any episode to date. By quite a long way. Really quite a long way. Loooooong way. Looooooooong. Borderline unecessarily long.


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