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DTD1164 A-lady, show my photos/my Facebook photos and a reminder of the DTD flash briefing

April 6, 2020

You can now personalise your wallpaper on your Echo Show with photos from your entire photo collection (or selected albums) and/or from your Facebook account.
Firstly, to allow your Show to access your photos go to the Alexa app, go to the menu and select Settings > Photos and then choose to allow access to your phone's photos and/or log in to your Facebook account.
Secondly, on your Echo Show, go to Settings > Home and Clock > Clock > Personal photos to set your background. In there you'll have the choice of your personal photos to use as your Echo's rotating wallpaper and/or photos from Facebook. Select to use all your photos or just selected albums, and from Facebook choose either only your friend's personal profile pictures and/or photos from your timeline.
Phew! That's it 👍
And we round off with a quick reminder that you can get daily Dot To Dot goodness (or, more accurately, variable goodness) via your flash briefing.

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