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DTD1024 Puzzler

November 20, 2019

Yet another excellent skill brought to us by the prolific guys at, today's skill is an instant favourite for me. Finally, a full crossword experience in awesome audio-only form is here - and big thanks to Tiffany Black (@1modernmonster on the Twitters) for bringing it to us. I don't think it shows the puzzle on an Echo Show - or at least it didn't mention this in the description. What the description did cover, however, is a load of useful tips on gameplay, so I thought I'd include it in its entireity here:
Welcome to Crossword of the Day by Puzzler! You can play a new 5 by 5 crossword every day – by voice! Complete it and see if you can set a new fastest time on your high scores. Try using these tricks and tips to help you with Puzzler: “give me a hint”, to get a hint on your clue. “how many clues are left?”, to hear how many clues are left. “skip question”, to skip the clue you are on. “main menu”, to go to the main menu. “high scores”, to hear your high scores. “repeat”, to hear the clue again. “more time”, to get more time to think. (* Premium)
* If you really love puzzling you can subscribe to Puzzler Premium which gives you loads of extra features and game play. You get access to a new Puzzler official set of more than 50 x 9 by 9 crosswords every month as well as unlimited hints for every crossword. Premium users can skip entire crosswords, as well as reveal the answer for every clue.
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