DTD176 Sporkle Trivia

July 24, 2017

Sporcle Trivia
No idea why it's called Sporcle Trivia - maybe that'll be one of its questions. This skill is a cut above your average multiple-choice trivia game as it allows you to answer questions in a category of your choosing. Enjoy!


DTD175 Radio Cabin Pressure

July 23, 2017

Yet another one of these Radio ... skills but this one's a doozy. Eves-drop on the crazy crew of this aeroplane and their (very) high-jinx.


DTD174 Tic Tac Toe and Rover Buggy

July 22, 2017

Two completely unrelated skills brought together with the most tenuous link yet; Tic Tac Toe - we call it Noughts and Crosses - won't always end in a draw (surprisingly) and Rover Buggy which tells us the actual direction of travel of the Mars Rover at the time of asking.


DTD173 Chineasy

July 21, 2017

Learn Chinese the easy way with this awesome oriental skill - or simply learn how to properly pronounce 'Hello' (they say that at the beginning of each lesson)!


DTD172 The Simpsons Letters

July 20, 2017

OK - I warn you to listen to this episode only - and I stress only - if you don't easily vomit at how little someone knows about cultural phenomena such as the Simpsons. You have been warned.


DTD171 Slot Machine

July 19, 2017

I'm on familiar territory here in as much as I have no idea what I'm doing with this groovy slot machine emulator skill.


DTD170 What’s in a Name

July 18, 2017

What does your name mean and how popular was it last year? Find out with this groovy skill - so long as it isn't Robin, Peter or Jo/Joe that is.


DTD169 Volley Trivia Showdown and Volley Family Trivia

July 17, 2017

In the first of these two True or False trivia-based games you are pitched head-to-head against similarly-skilled opponents from around the world. Then we look at a version that is a sudden-death against your family or friends. There's also a surprise appearance from an earlier superstar guest host. Hold on tight! 


DTD168 Television Dad’s Army

July 16, 2017

I'm imagining that Dad's Army needs no introduction - and hence this skill likewise needs no explanation. If you're not familiar with the popular radio and television sensation then give it a listen. It's a classic.


DTD167 Movie Quotes Quiz and Movie Trivia

July 15, 2017

Can you guess the movie from the notable quote? Test your metal with this movie-related multiple-choice quiz skill. And we'll also get some random (and sometimes repeated) bits of movie trivia too.