DTD685 West World Maze and Mind Maze (revisited)

December 16, 2018

Today we have two amazing skills brought to us by Patrick Steggle (lynnstggll@gmail.com). The first; West World Maze is shiny and new to DTD, whilst the second; Mind Maze was covered waaaay back in episode 163 but well worth a revisit. 


DTD684 The BBC (update)

December 15, 2018

This great skill from the BBC now brings us the ability to listen to any radio programme from every national and local station on demand - augmenting the existing option of streaming live any BBC station or checking out their full compliment of brilliant podcasts. Many apologies to everyone without the blessing of the much beloved Beeb.


DTD683 Diabetes Helper

December 14, 2018

Packed with helpful and informative hints and tips to manage (or avoid) diabetes, today's skill may well be of particular benefit around this bountiful, festive season.


DTD682 Christmas Radio and Christmas Jukebox

December 13, 2018

Today's first skill brings us a radio station full of good Christmas-related tunes from different decades, whilst the second is a nice playlist of festive songs with a similar feel. Both brilliant.


DTD681 Infected

December 12, 2018

Will Patrick Steggle (lynnstggll@gmail.com) infect you with his enthusiasm for this zombie apocalypse-themed audio adventure skill? Would you want imoortality … … … at any price??


DTD680 Yoga Me

December 11, 2018

Wally went to a yoga instructor and asked if he could have lessons. "How flexible are you?" asked the instructor. "Well, I can't do Wednesdays or Fridays," replied Wally…


DTD679 Maths Hero

December 10, 2018

Hear me having an heroic attempt at becoming a maths hero - but just ending up being a bit of a doofus. I guess that me and maths just don't add up. Better luck having a go yourselves, if this skill is available wherever you are.


DTD678 How Smart Are You?

December 9, 2018

You may be smarter than me, but are you smarter than Patrick Steggle (lynnstggll@gmail.com)? Are you?? This is the skill to help you find out.


DTD677 The Night Before Christmas and Dear Santa

December 8, 2018

Both of today's skills are brilliant and both are by Button Push Apps. The demos have been sent in by one of its developers; Nick who, BTW, also hosts a podcast called 'Alexa Skills Review' (do search for it in your podcatching app - it's great) and who, BTW2, also kindly created and posted the daily flash briefing version of this very podcast (you can find it by searching for 'D 2 D' in the skillstore).


DTD676 The Incredibles Training

December 7, 2018

Incredible as it might be to believe, I haven't actually seen this film. I know. It's totally unlike me to demo a skill that requires some rudiment of knowledge on a subject before making anything other than a completely ham-fisted attempt at demoing it. And it wasn't even an heroic attempt either.