DTD299 Inspection Chamber

November 24, 2017

Today we're looking at a classy choose-your-own adventure game from the BBC. Sounds like it's got good sound-effects. However, until about 4mins in, it's a bit disconcerting that DAVE the computer is most definitely not a bloke... 


DTD298 Higher, Lower

November 23, 2017

See how many right answers you get in a row with today's superbly simple skill. Guess what my longest chain is. 5? 4? 3? "Lower! Lower!" If you do better than me I'd like to hear about it via #DTDPod pls


DTD 297 Stop, Breathe, Think

November 22, 2017

Today we're looking at a brilliant daily meditation skill that talks you through an initial relaxation routine and then concentrates on dealing with sadness, gratitude and many other topics that affect our daily lives. Love this skill.. We also remind ourselves that we can ask the A-lady; "What skills do I have?"


DTD296 True or False

November 21, 2017

True or False is a nice trivia quiz that will pit your wits or possibly wisdom against facts fresh from the A-lady. Play against friends or solo and find out how many other players around the Echo-system (sorry about that pun) also got it right... or wrong. We also find out that we can ask the A-lady; "What are the most popular games skills?"


DTD295 New built-in Routines feature

November 20, 2017

Though today there's only a very modest number of actions from which to choose, this new built-in ability to chain together tasks and fire them off with a single command (or at a certain time) promises to be a game-changer. Hmmm... I wonder if one day you could use it to change the game you're playing? One thing you can do today is set a scheduled routine to wake you up with the news, say, rather than simply one of the stock sounds. Very cool.


DTD294 Maths Coach

November 19, 2017

Ask the A-lady to give you a maths quiz and she'll enable this skill. Don't like maths? Then play yesterday's skill again, choosing a character who does like maths, and then it might put you in the mood for this one. Cunning.


DTD293 Akinator

November 18, 2017

Take Twenty Questions, distill it down to concentrate on characters and prioritise personalities, and you'll have the amazing Akinator skill. BTW What colour is Wilma Flintstone's hair? Answers using #DTDPod pls.


DTD292 Adventure Craft

November 17, 2017

Is today's skill at all similar to the famous video game Minecraft? I've no idea but from the little I've gleaned of the game from my kids it probably isn't a million miles off the mark (after you've taken away all the graphics of course). And it has (cheesy) sound-effects.


DTD291 Train Times and Train Facts

November 16, 2017

Woo, woo! (Just adding in some sadly absent sound effects) Two groovy skills to keep you on the right track when it comes to knowing your UK train trivia. We then finish off with some bonus soothing train sounds to send us to sleep. Don't listen to this episode when operating heavy machinery.


DTD290 The Hardest Game of Thrones Quiz Ever

November 15, 2017

Join me at the very nadir of my trivia career. I might as well have my head chopped off by Ned Stark - I'd still do about as well at these skills.