DTD244 Harry Potter Trivia Game

September 30, 2017

If you've not read the HP books then you really should. If you've not watched the HP films then you really shouldn't. But that's just a blind guy's opinion who likes good dialog. Now on with the episode...


DTD243 Sorting Game for Harry Potter

September 29, 2017

Today we look at another sorting ceremony skill. See if you can guess which house I best fit in? Yes, that's right. It wasn't really ever in question was it? Which house will you be sorted into?


DTD242 Word of the Day and Spell Out Monster

September 28, 2017

Two word-related skills today so fire up your sensoria and be sure to duck as here comes a monster spelling bee in reverse!


DTD241 The slightly creepy update episode

September 27, 2017

Today we briefly revisit, with the help of the A-lady and in a not-altogether-uncreepy way, some key episode sthat newer listeners may have misssed. They cover those important built-in functions that every Echo fan should know about. They are episode #2 on Wikipedia, #7 on connecting the A-lady to your phone, #9 on the built-in calendar function, #11 on playing radio stations and podcasts on TuneIn, #27 on adding music to your Echo without going Unlimited, #30 included tips on built-in timers and alarms, #47 was about buying from Amazon using the A-lady, #52 was on playing Audible books, #69 was the built-in Kindle book reading function, #104 was about new built-in voice calling and messaging features, #113 on connecting to a Bluetooth speaker, #139 on the new reminder notifications and last but not least was #216 which included a bunch of updates about asking the A-lady for tips or to play a game, giving your timers a name and setting alarms for specific days). Phew!


DTD240 Millionaire Quiz Game

September 26, 2017

Who wants to be a millionaire? If you do then stop wasting time playing highly enjoyable games on your Echo and get out there and get grafting. But don't forget; money doesn't buy happines. That's Jaffa Cakes. 


DTD239 Europe City Quiz and So You Think You Know America

September 25, 2017

Today we've another transatlantic double. As you'll see, I don't know my European capital cities nearly as well as I should and I know even less about key facts about the American civil war. So sit back and squirm or stand up and pace - whatever gets you through.


DTD238 Forest Adventure

September 24, 2017

It sure is quiet in this forest but, despite the lack of sound effects, let's put on our sturdy adventurers britches and, er, sally forth (To leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult: Cambridge English Dictionary)


DTD237 Radio Hancock’s Half

September 23, 2017

Another in the series of skills that bring classic radio echoing around your house. You can't get more classic than Hancock's Half Hour. Enjoy.


DTD236 Guard Dog and Catastrophic Cat Jokes

September 22, 2017

Today's episode is a bit of a catastrophe all-round really. It starts strong with the opening jingle and then kinda goes downhill from there... Actually I've just thought of something vaguely funny to pep up this episode; fend off cat burglars with your own virtual guard dog! (3 out of 10)


DTD235 National Grid and Number 10

September 21, 2017

Two skills today; National Grid provides a real-time break-down of power supply across the UK from a range of sources, and Number 10 gives you the latest tweet from our esteemed Prime Minister's office. If you need perking up after this one then why not go back and listen to the 4ABurp episode? :)