DTD487 Harry Potter True or False

May 31, 2018

 With the most minimal of sound effects marring this otherwise magical collection of binary bafflers, today's skill is for everyone who likes being quizzed on Quidditch or harangued on Harry himself. Oh, and Faith to the rescue again.


DTD486 Can I Stream and asking the A-lady about traffic to local places

May 30, 2018

Today we start with a quick demo of the 'Can I Stream' skill that let's you know which streaming services have what shows. We then ask the A-lady about traffic to local businesses. Don't forget to enter your home address under Settings > Device location.


DTD485 Full Count Baseball Trivia With Buster Posey

May 29, 2018

Penny Golden (pengold2@gmail.com) brings us all the baseball trivia we could want in a skill with sound effects that, quite frankly, are 'hit out of the park'. Did I make any sense there at all or did I strike out? Or should I be talking about touch-downs? I'm so confused.


DTD484 Lego Duplo Stories

May 28, 2018

Today we cover another skill devised for the Echo Dot for kids but available for everyone. A gentle guided story through Duplo Land - made even better if you have some Duplo and even some kids to hand.


DTD483 Alberta Health Services and Evo

May 27, 2018

Teri Fisher of the Alexa in Canada podcast joins the gang today - bringing us two groovy local skills; the first with the life-saving low-down on wait times at Albaerta hospitals and the second to book a car with BC's popular car-share service. You can get in touch with Teri on Twitter @DrTeriFisher and @AlexaInCanadaCA.


DTD482 Historical Voices

May 26, 2018

Another fab listener episode again today - Penny Golden (pengold2@gmail.com) brings us voices from the past with momentous messages. Want to drop me a demo? Please do to robin.christopherson@gmail.com.


DTD481 The Pig Game

May 25, 2018

Andrea Barker (abarker15@msn.com) brings us the A-lady's take on the classic table-toss game; 'Pass the Pigs'. Using virtual dice instead of plastic porkers, I think this skill's a keeper.


DTD480 Amazon Storytime

May 24, 2018

Another skill direct from Amazon today. Amazon Storytime brings great short stories to kids of all ages (including 47).


DTD479 The Waine Investigation

May 23, 2018

Shaun Williams (shaunteckno@gmail.com) takes us through the seedy streets of Gotham City with this great immersive choose-your-own audio-adventure skill. Can I be Robin?


DTD478 I Spy

May 22, 2018

Practice spying things with your mind's little eye with this great skill brought to us by Penny Golden (pengold2@gmail.com). If in doubt it's probably 'Bananas'!