DTD308 Beauty Tips

December 3, 2017

It's our fantastic Faith to the rescue. She's providing her expert grooming guidance to compliment the official pearls of wisdom dispensed by today's Beauty Tips skill.


DTD307 Science Challenge

December 2, 2017

Into science? Want a challenge of the true-false, see-how-many-questions-you-can-get-right-before-losing-three-lives/your-mind kind? If so then today's skill just might be somewhat suitable.


DTD306 Advent Calendar and A-lady, please give me a Christmas song

December 1, 2017

Today's advent calendar skill is feeble in the extreme but, as I've been waiting till this morning (1 Dec) to record it, I had no idea and now we're stuck with it! After that we try to redeem this episode with some A-lady Christmas songs and a quick consultation of Wikipedia, but I don't think we quite manage it. Let's face it - we're way off.


DTD305 The Daily 5/9

November 30, 2017

Today special guest host, Holly Anderson, gives us a brilliant insight into the querky audio adventure game that is The Daily 5/9. I'm not familiar with the show Mr Robot (on which it's based) - but that in no way means it isn't on-air over here, although not yet available in the UK skill store. You can follow Holly on @DHSHolly and on the Maccessibility.net podcast. Thanks Holly and hope everyone enjoys todays episode. 


DTD304 Say Your Cards Right

November 29, 2017

Try to ignore the football noise in the background as we check out this groovy skill that harks back to the brilliant TV game of my childhood (so a very long time ago - but not quite in black and white) and, BTW, you enable it by saying "A-lady, enable Say Your Cards Right". Forgot to mention that bit.


DTD303 UK Music Chart

November 28, 2017

Once again, brace yourself to experience yet more of my eye-watering ignorance of anything music-related. Faith's heard of them all but yours-truly couldn't name anyone in the charts - even if a whole packet of chocolate digestives was at stake. So don't listen if you easily get cross at sheer stupidity. You have been warned. 


DTD302 Multi News and Sad Trombone

November 27, 2017

The first of today's skills is all about the news. Get it from circa 70 different sources. After that I completely fail to find a segue into the Sad Trombone skill (Wah, wah, wah, waaaaaah...)


DTD301 Pandora

November 26, 2017

Yay, Eric's back! Today he'll give us all the low-down of how to access your Pandora music subscription through the A-lady. Sorry about the crackles - totally my fault. Eric doesn't normally sound like that... honest.

And BTW for anyone whose podcatching app only downloaded one episode yesterday there were actually two. For whatever reason Downcast only grabbed the latest in the queue - i.e. the additional episode.


DTD300 Additional - Blowing in the Wind

November 25, 2017

In this additional episode Bob gets all nostalgic and plays one of his own favourite songs on the A-lady.


DTD300 Multi-room media playback (and Bob’s back)

November 25, 2017

Today we're very privileged to have Bob back to help us demonstrate how multi-room music works and the minor niggle associated with having your music playback set up that way. Keep up as we sprint round the house, Bob.